Andersen WDH

Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch

    How’s it work?

    A weight distribution hitch uses leverage on the hitch through tensioned chains or spring bars to “distribute” more weight to the front axle of the tow vehicle.  This reduces sag and gives the front tires of the tow vehicle more traction.

    What makes Andersen different?


    Anti-sway is friction to dampen and reduce sway induced by outside forces such as wind gusts or passing trucks. Andersen hitches have built in anti-sway. Other hitches need an anti-sway bar added to the system. The hitch ball is physically attached to the lower wing plate and chains. As the trailer turns, the ball pivots with it and it’s sitting in a cone of friction material similar to a brake pad. The more weight on the hitch, the more anti-sway friction.

    Chains vs. Spring Bars:

    Chains are compact and light weight. Tension is applied easily by a few turns of a socket wrench to tighten the tension nuts. Spring bars are heavy and require a lot of force with a lever to engage.

    The Andersen’s chains apply tension along the Casita’s frame, pulling forward on the bolted in brackets. Traditional spring bar set ups pull directly down on their frame brackets. In that location, the Casitas frame is weak and some owners have bent or cracked frames from tension bars.

    Backing Up:

    Unlike other hitches or sway bars, the Andersen can be left attached when you need to back up.

    Do all vehicles need one?

    If your tow vehicle is a full size or heavy duty truck, then it’s not really needed. However the typical Casita tow vehicle is lighter duty with a tow rating from 3500-7000 pounds and an Andersen can greatly improve the towing experience.

    Andersen’s are such a great match for Casitas that the factory is offering them as an option.

    How do I buy one?

    There is a special combination of parts required for the hitch to fit properly on a Casita. Low profile brackets and extension chains are needed. Buying off the internet or RV store likely won’t get you the correct parts. Also the warranty is only valid when buying from an authorized dealer (like me).

    I will walk you through the measuring steps to get the right hitch for your vehicle. I’m also available for tech support during set up and installation.

    I sell factory direct. I can send you an invoice to pay online, place your order, and Andersen will ship the hitch to your address.

    Because I don’t stock inventory, buying a hitch puts you on a wait from the factory. Currently it is a few weeks with the surge in people buying RV’s and products. You do save about $100 though. Please contact me for a price quote and shipping estimate.

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