EasyStart for your Air Conditioning

by Greg Zimmerman

Need to run your air conditioner from a generator?  Made in the USA!

EasyStart™ allows the starting of your air conditioner on low power sources. It electronically reduces the high power start-up current needed to START your AC which is much better than just a bigger start capacitor.

Another bonus is the EasyStart reduces the start up “thump” of the compressor making for quieter operation.

EasyStart can be installed with just a wire crimper. To see the install instructions for Coleman-mach air conditioners, click HERE

Only $299 and that includes shipping and the recommended installation kit.  Or you could say it’s $269 plus $20 shipping and $10 for the install kit.  Either way, it’s $299.  Email me if you have questions or would like to order: greg@theyhandycamper.com

This works on all Casita air conditioners, the Mach 1, 3, 8, 8+, and polar cubs.


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