Stabilizer Jacks

by Greg Zimmerman

Stabilizer jacks are a great upgrade.  For 2017 and earlier you do rears or front and rear.  2018+ already come with rears, so we can font.  With 4 jacks, you can level your Casita with them instead of using blocks under the wheels.  Another feature is the ability to use them to raise the Casita up to change a flat, or if the front jack stand every falls over.

These are heavy duty BAL scissor jacks made in the USA.  They are rated at 7,500 each, so they can lift the weight of 8 Casitas.

They are bolted to custom laser cut steel plates that I weld to your frame.  This allows for you to bolt in a new jack if it’s gets damaged.   $100/per jack, so $200 for 2, $400 for all 4.


Sean May 22, 2020 - 1:00 pm

Why did you go with 7,500# jacks? Couldn’t you use something rated for a lower weight?

Greg Zimmerman May 27, 2020 - 2:49 pm

The weld on brackets are specifically made for the BAL 7500 jacks. I assume the smaller jacks will have too small of a footprint for the bolts to be outside the dimensions of the frame. Besides, when dealing with lifting, overkill is a good thing.


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