Thumb Latches for the Hatches

by Greg Zimmerman

A popular modification is to do away with the “security” of keyed hatches and replacing them with thumb latches.

Every Casita hatch as well as most other RV’s use the CH751 key.

I replaced the electrical door and curb side hatch because they are opened most often (hooking up and unhooking at camp).  You might want to replace all of the locks or just the ones used the most.  I left the locks on the battery door because I rarely open it, and the water fill door to avoid any “surprises” in the water tank.

Replacing the latches requires a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.  The water fill and electrical cord hatch use the 5/8″ size latches while the water tank compartment and battery door use 7/8″ up through 2014 and 1 1/8″ 2015+.  On the electrical cord door you need to grind down the rivet and save the special length locking arm and swap it over to the new thumb latch. Unfortunately, the external shower door shape doesn’t allow for a thumb lock to fit.

Now we don’t have to fumble for the keys while hooking up the Casita.

Camco makes cheap thumb locks, but for 1 or 2 more dollars, the JR products are a higher quality.

Here are the 5/8″ depth JR locks for the electrical cord door and water fill door:

The 7/8″ for the battery compartment door and curb side access hatch:

2015+ Casitas may use deeper 1 1/8″ latches on the battery and curb side access hatch. Measure the depth before buying.

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