Our Casita thankfully came with the optional vinyl sheet flooring, but it was showing its age and had mystery rust stains.  After some research, we settled on Traffic Master stick down 12×24″ tile from Lowe’s.  They are thin, flexible and easily trimmed with scissors and a utility knife.  The Casita floor is roughly 40 sq/ft.  We used a little over 2 boxes, so buy 3.

    For preparation, I drilled the rivets out of the door threshold and lifted it off.   I removed the dinette post fittings, then cleaned the floor with rubbing alcohol and a rag.

    The old vinyl floor

    I played with different layouts and decided running the tiles lengthwise would result is less trimming.  I fitted one tile at a time by carefully trimming with scissors until I got the best fit, peeled the backing off, and stuck it down. In a few hours, I had the whole floor covered.   I crawled under the Casita and cut out the holes for the floor fittings with a box cutter.  I painted the fittings white, put sealant down and screwed them in place.

    The finished floor

    One issue I had was the door threshold rivets.  There was no way to remove the old ones after drilling the heads off.  I made a decision to drill the rivet holes all the way through the floor so the old ones could drop out and new rivets installed through the threshold.  I used the same sealant from the dinette fittings to fill in the 4 little holes from under the trailer.

    We put a carpet runner down over the floor and we can shake it outside which is easier than trying to vacuum.  In the “foyer”, we keep a carpet welcome mat as well as one outside when camping.

    We’re very happy how it turned out and it spruced up the interior.

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