Double Entry Step

by Greg Zimmerman

Little House Customs sells a double entry step for our Casitas.  Having an extra step is great for people with mobility issues or if you have a lifted Casita.

The steps are modified by LHC just to fit our Casitas. The first “step” is to cut out the existing step with a reciprocating saw and long metal blade.  After cutting the round steel bar at each end, the old step drops out.

Next draw a line as pictured from below the C-channel to a point 1″ down from the top.  Using a cut-off wheel or saw, make the cuts to remove the excess metal.

The instructions come with a paper template to mark the holes, but I found it tough to get all 6 holes in exactly the right spot.  Next time I’ll locate the rear holes, temporarily install the step and mark the remaining 4 holes before drilling.  This part of the trailer frame is made from thick metal.  I started with 1/8″ pilot holes, and moved up to 3/8″ for the bolts.  Cutting oil makes the job much easier as well as a few extra drill bits.

Finally the step is bolted in with the 6 bolts.  I painted the exposed metal with Rustoleum satin black, which is a great match. 

I’ve heard from some owners that the steps can be slippery when wet, so they add carpeted pads or more grip tape.

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Robert T Sares September 2, 2019 - 9:48 am

These steps are a wonderful addition to your tv. My wife and I had them added you ours as a result of the extra lift added to the unit. They are phenomenal and make entering so much easier as my wife has bad knees.


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