Fridge Drain Line Fix

by Greg Zimmerman

If you find water on the floor by the fridge, the first place to look is the fridge condensation drain line. Dometic, the maker of the fridge, uses a white corrugated plastic line that become brittle with age and can crack and split. This allows water dripping off the evaporator coil to pool on the floor.

Parts required:

  • 1/2″ clear PVC tube (about 2 feet)
  • 2 small zip ties
Cracked drain tube leaking water

It’s a simple fix. Remove the lower access door by turning the two plastic fasteners 90 degrees and tilt it out from the bottom. Remove the white crusty line and replace it with a section of 1/2″ clear PVC tubing. If you carefully remove the hose going through the floor, you can preserve the sealant. If it tears, remove it and use silicone or RV caulk.

Push the clear tubing onto the nipple for the drain pan. Secure it with a zip tie. Needle nose pliers are helpful.  Use a second zip tie to hold the hose to the pipe as pictured. Push the new tubing through the floor so it sticks down about an inch and cut.

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