Stove Cover Fix

by Greg Zimmerman
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The metal stove cover was rattling and wearing through the fiberglass counter top. Delicia asked what I could do to fix it. An idea immediately popped into my head. Automotive door edging! I already had a roll on the shelf. It’s plastic with a bit of adhesive inside. I pushed it on the edge of the lid and cut to length. All fixed, and no more rattle.

It’s available in white and black. They even have chrome if you want to add some pizzaz.

It’s available in white here:

And black here:


Rick May 23, 2021 - 5:32 pm

Greg, we just bought our second Casita, 2007 SD. The previous owner has installed a nice counter top but without the stove, just counter space. He uses an invection burner. He gave us the original stove but in need either a template or at least measurements for the front and side set back to cut out the counter and install the stove. Any ideas where I can get either a template or the measurements? Thanks for any insights and really like your site.

Greg Zimmerman May 24, 2021 - 4:47 am

If you look up the factory manual for that stove top, it’ll have the cut out dimensions. Can you pull the drawer out and look up? I bet the hole in the fiberglass it still there…


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