Toilet Supply Shut-Off

by Greg Zimmerman
Published: Updated:

Another LHC modification is the shut-off valve.  It’s cheap insurance against a failed toilet flush valve.  If the valve fails, water will continuously run into the toilet which can result in a flooded camper.  With a quick twist of the knob, the water is cut off to the toilet.

The only tool required for the job is a plastic tubing cutter.  Remember to turn off the water supply! Before cutting, hold down on the flush pedal to make sure there’s no water pressure.  Even though our Casita hadn’t been hooked up to water for weeks, there was enough pressure in the line to give me a shower surprise when I cut the hose!

Cut out a 1 inch section, push the black fittings into the hose ends, then slide the ends into the shut off valve. Push HARD to make sure the hoses are fully seated. That’s it! Turn on the water and check for leaks.

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